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Samsung Responds To Note 8 Battery Issues



We will never forget the year of the exploding Note 7 devices. Now it seems Samsung is dealing with a less urgent, but equally detrimental battery issue on the Galaxy Note 8. While the Note 8 won’t blow up in your pants the battery is giving some users major heart ache.

Several users are reporting that the Note 8 won’t take a charge once the battery has fully depleted. Samsung has acknowledged that the problem is real. The issue is not widespread enough to issue a full blown recall. Issues will be addressed on a case by case basis. You will have to send in your phone so Samsung can check out the issue.

Samsung is saying they have only received complaints on battery charge management from a handful of customers. One user sent in a video showing that the phone won’t turn on. Samsung has recommended via the Samsung forum to have your device replaced if you are having the issue. Hopefully this won’t turn into a widespread problem as we are just getting past the gratuitous Note 7 bomb jokes that our Apple head friends were so eager to hurl at us.


via PC World