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Samsung Ships A Record Breaking 10 million Galaxy S5 Devices In Only 25 Days!

Before you get too excited Samsung has shipped 10 million devices to retailers in 25 days. This is still a huge deal. This breaks records and while shipping to retailers and actually selling devices are two different things. Retailers would not order these amounts of devices if they weren’t flying off the shelves.

“One should keep in mind though that this figure talks about shipments and not unit sales, therefore its not correct to assume that the company has been able to sell 10 million units in 25 days, even though the Galaxy S5 is the kind of smartphone that can easily sell more than 10 million units throughout its lifetime.

The Galaxy S4 reached this milestone in 27 days which was a record in itself last year. Previous Galaxy flagships even took longer to achieve 10 million retail channel sales. Galaxy S3Galaxy S2and the original Galaxy S took 50 days, 5 months and 7 months to move 10 million units respectively.

Samsung is selling Galaxy S5 is more than 125 countries around the world so it wouldn’t really take long to achieve this milestone in terms of unit sales.”

Galaxy devices just become more popular with every release. This device truly is the Next Big Thing!

Via UberGizmo