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Samsung Working On Their Own Oculus Rift Style Virtual Reality Head Set

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Now that Facebook has purchased Oculus Rift the future of Virtual Reality has kind of been a bit shaky. Who knows what Facebook has up their sleeves for this technology in the future. Samsung isn’t waiting around to see. According to an Engadet report they are currently working on their own VR Head Set.

So far VR headsets like Oculus and Morpheus from Sony have been all about a super immersive game playing experience. Information on Samsung’s VR headset is pretty scarce for now. Sources are saying that Samsung will undercut the existing head sets to try to saturate the market. The headsets will connect to your Samsung tablet or Samsung smartphone via wire.

You will be able to play your mobile games using this new immersive Headset. Maybe you will be able to watch movies, or surf the web. Hopefully this will be a mirrored experience. Maybe the wired tether is an hdmi connection. Game developers would obviously need to develop games specifically for the head set just like they currently do for other peripherals like the MOGA gaming controller.

If you could purchase a VR headset for less than $350 that would connect to your tablet, would you be interested in such a thing?

Via Engadget