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Sapphire Bringing Most Durable Screen Ever To The Iphone 6


In the video above Marques Brownlee demos what is said to be the new screen for the Iphone 6. The screen will be made of Sapphire which is the 2nd hardest substance known to man. In the video you can see that this screen will not be scratched by keys or even a stabbing knife. Sapphire glass is already being used in high end watches and even in Android smartphones. Some Android smartphone cameras use the Sapphire glass for the rear facing camera.

This awesome substance will now be used to protect the Iphone 6 display. Hopefully Android flagship devices that come out in the fall will fall in line with Apple and use this same substance on their devices! What do you guys think is this really necessary? Do you think this could drive up the price of phones since supply of this substance has to be more rare than plain glass?