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The First Official Accessory For The LG G3 Quick Circle Cover

lg g3 quickcircle cover1


LG has announced the first accessory for the LG G3. The official LG G3 announcement is scheduled for Tuesday. The new flaghsip will receive a unique “Quick Circle Covery” which makes good use of the new Circle Clock Widget that was shown off in a few leaks last night.

The Case comes in five colors including Black, White, Gold, Auqua, and Pink. LG mentioned in their press release that the case will is different from other flip style cases that we have seen in the past. You will actually be able to use the phone without opening the cover. You will be able to check time, take photos, use the music player, place phone calls, reply to texts, and check out health activity. LG did not mention the price.

via LG