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The State Of Root On The Verizon Galaxy S5!


We are a over a month into the release of the Galaxy S5 and still no root. However there has been some pretty exciting development going on with root on this device. Last night a tweet by DjrBliss from two weeks ago was discovered by several of the hopeful exploiters who have been working on root for this device. Many of you may remember Dan Rosenburg from all of the exploits that he released for Motorola devices and various other Android devices that resulted in root.

He tweeted out an exploit on May 5th. Last night the XDA crew wracked their brains trying to make this work for our device. Of course the old expert DjrBliss was quick to snuff the XDA guys tweeting, “Watching XDA work on the PTY vuln is like watching a high school physics class try to build a nuclear reactor out of sticks and twine.” It seems as if the chances of this working out are slim, but its nice to see someone actively working every lead to the best of their ability.

The bounty has reached over $12,000 and you would think that this would be enough to get the veterans to pitch in. Justin Case has released plenty of exploits for HTC devices and seems to be plenty capable but has announced his hiatus and is not actively working on this root. DjrBliss has been nice enough to offer a word of advice and a helping hand when asked. We have heard nothing at all from Adam Outler and Ralekdev who have released exploits for the likes of the Note 3, and Galaxy S4. This is the State of Root on the Verizon Galaxy S5 whether you like it or not!

  • C Wood

    What about the Samsung Galaxy S® 5 (Verizon), Developer Edition (Samsung Item Number ET-G900VMKAVZW with an unlocked bootloader)? Why hasn’t it been rooted? Should the rooting method and exploit software used with the T-Mobile S5 which also has an unlocked bootloader work? I can tell you that Samsung refuses to provide instructions or advice on how to gain root access.