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Valve Is Teaming Up With HTC For Their Own VR Headset, VIVE

htc vive promo video


So far Oculus has had a death grip when it comes to viable Virtual Reality. With the Rift and their partnership with Samsung to make the Gear VR they have the best headsets so far. Valve has announced a competing headset that they are working on. Valve’s VR headset is called the Vive and will be built by HTC.

This headset could give Oculus a run for their money, and could really kick off the Virtual Reality race. One great thing about competition is that it drives down price. The headset will be available later this year. The developer edition releasing in the spring comes loaded with two 1200×1080 displays that refresh at 90fps. These displays envelope your field of vision with 360 degree views. This will apparently be the first device ever to offer a “full room-scale”. It is equipped with a gyrosensor, accelerometer, and laser position sensor. Their will also be a base station that will track your movements within a 15×15 foot space. You can literally walk around the room and interact with your virtual environment. This looks like a truly awesome device.

via TheVerge