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-Wugfresh Tether Patch Free Wifi Tether on GB Kernel

 WugPacked GB Tether Patch [All-In-One Zips]

Wireless Tethering On GB Simplified
– I packaged new flashable zips for easily patching and unpatching on GB;

Tethering without paying for the service is a VIOLATION of the TOS and accordingly Verizon can suspend your service or seek compensation for the unauthorized use of tethering service. Therefore, use at your own risk! I personally assume NO responsibility whatsoever for anyone’s decision to use these file, nor do any of the people listed in the credits. YOUR DEVICE, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

WugPacked_GB_Tether_Patch_1.0.zip (472.77 KB)

  • Applies the TBH Patch
  • Removes DataManagerService.apk
  • Removes database file in/data/data/com.motorola.android.datamanager/databases
  • Installs Wireless Tether Beta

WugPacked_GB_Tether_Unpatch_1.0.zip (206.84 KB)

  • Applies the TBH Unpatch
  • Re-installs DataManagerService.apk
  • Re-installs the database file in/data/data/com.motorola.android.datamanager/databases *
  • Uninstalls Wireless Tether Beta

*You might want to back up your own database file before patching and restore it manually after unpatching… I am not sure it starts working (recording data usage) again unless you factory reset the way its built now… I am not sure why…

To install you need to be on rooted GB:

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Bootstrap Recovery (will have to grant SU permissions if you haven’t already)
  3. Ok
  4. Reboot Recovery
  5. Install zip from sdcard
  6. Choose zip from sdcard
  7. Navigate to wherever you saved the WugPacked_GB_Tether_Patch/Unpatch zips and select it
  8. Navigate to Yes and select it
  9. Wait for it to install
  10. Reboot system
**As always, when flashing anything, it is recommended to first make a backup.**


TBH, especially MC1, CZ
Snow02: For isolating the data tracking files on GB
WugFresh: For making this package ^_^

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